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I always hear people mentioning about how’s great their grandma is? Lots of questions always come bombarding my mind? Are they that great? Better than their own parents? Their love is more than our own parents? I got the answer yesterday with my own grandma.

She has been weaker for the past 1 year because she had a fall early last year. However, I also had a chance to spend time with her while nursing her back to health. Staying with her for a few days, I discover certain habits found in me are found in her as well. Simple thing like it is a “must” for me to have a drink or soup while having meals. If not, it is almost like we can’t swallow the food or finished what we have if we are without it. Also for some unknown reason why all my aunties leave their collars unfolded when it is obviously no longer in trend or whatsoever to leave it as such. These little things or habits however small they leave tell tale signs that we are all part of a family. From 1 generation to another blinding us together not just blood related but emotionally attached. This is something no teaching has been showed but somehow followed.

Having said that, my grandma is also a very accommodating person which I am proud to say that I do inherit that character as well. She did not take advantage of the fact that she is an elderly and insisted on things to be done her way. On several occasions where we need to bring her out to places or restaurants, she allowed us to make our own arrangements or transport to fetch her up and she goes along with it without much trouble. Instead, she get prepared herself and be ready for us to fetch her. When certain things can’t be done her usual way, she also allowed us to propose a next solution and to go along with it despite most times, we will go along with her whenever possible.

Therefore I am grateful that I had a chat again with her yesterday when she was talking about the time when she was injured about a year back. She also spoke to me about her 6 children who are my aunts and uncle on each of their differences, their personalities and etc. Despite old, she is still very clear of who had a bad temper, who is a neat girl when young and etc. In fact, recently, we changed to this new white car and she sat in. After the trip, she even praised our car is good and nice. Given the fact that I know she can hardly tell what defines a good car but rather she said that because it is my car. All these chatting yesterday makes me realised that she is the best senior citizen that anyone can hope to grow old to be with. The best of all is she is my grandma!

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  • Eunice Wong

    Great to see you treasured the elderly especially those related to you by blood.

    I love old people and most of all my dad and mother whom I missed much till today. I wish I had spent more time and treasure them more when they are fit and healthy and not when they are old and frail.

    Keep it up.. keep aside your time for her they love chatting and they want is a pair of your ears and your presence

  • Marcelo Appleton

    You article most definitely was one of the high points of my Saturday. I was on Google searching for something totally unrelated when the title caught my attention. I’m glad I took the time to read your blog! Feel free to comment on my blog at Singorama Review!

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