New Year Resolution?

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Nothing new, this is what you hear after a year had passed. What is your new year resolution? Have you thought of it yet? Writing my blog has become quite a routine for me despite my busy schedule. Maybe because I used to keep a diary as well in the past so to write my thoughts out isn’t too difficult. Also, my hubby say I think a lot, sometimes think too much or the unnecessary. Then again, maybe it’s like what the experts say, it is the girl’s quota to hit a certain numbers of words per day. So she has to hit that quota before she can stop. Or maybe being a libran makes me fickle-minded always weighing the pros or cons.

No matter what the reason is, there is still have to be a decision made. A target set. Whoever we are, whatever our targets are. A new year signifies a new beginning, a new start. Erase all the bad records, erase the missed target, we are all here at the starting point to start afresh again. Every one has the same amount of time, however to create something out of it make him or her different from others. To stand out from the others or to work as a team, you decide, your goal. The question is what is your new year resolution? What about mine? I am clear about it, are you?

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