Childhood Dreams?

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Most people will have a few childhood dreams that you hope to be or achieved in future. The question is when you are now grown up, is your childhood dreams being achieved? Also, for most of us, we still have the time to try to achieve what we wanted to be, however for this guy…

Please watch this amazing video of a Carnegie Melon University professor who is dying from Pancreatic Cancer:

Then think again, do you want to live your life as what you wanted now? Or do you want to live otherwise while you still have the option to choose.

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  • Eunice Wong

    Great talk by this guy. Yes, I too have my dreams —when I was young and came from a poor family.

    I dream of myself playing different types of musical instruments, and have a house filled with a band, guitars, organ, piano, drums.

    Many of my friend laughed at me.

    Today I had converted my master bed room to a music room. A room filled with organ and three guitars – 2 acoustics and an electrical and a piano which is too big but I have to place in my hall.

    I also started learning the piano only one month after my mum passed away last year (20.5.07) — I am at the age of 46 and my piano instructor is a 22 year old guy who can be my son.

    People think I must be crazy or that I could not pick up playing the piano, however, my determination to fulfilled my dream (as long as I still have breathe and my fingers though ‘old” (LOL), still can play the key and notes well… why not.

    I have being playing the electone organ since the age of 22 until today. Thus picking up the piano is not much of a difficulties even though it is tough mastering the left hands key (base clef).

    So never think yourself too old to achieve your childhood dream.

    Just continue dreaming till the last days of your life.

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