1st Car – Honda Fit (F22)

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Yes, after so many weeks of waiting and frustration. Finally, this is it, the arrival of my car on 27th November 2009. What does it come with? It is a 1.3 GF model in Brillant Sky Metallic Colour which is the one you see on my blog previously (3rd consideration). Haha!! 🙂

1.3 GF Model
1. Auto Fold Mirror
2. Side Indicator Light
3. Adjustable Height

1. Pioneer DVD Player – AVH-P4150DVD
2. Reverse Camera & Sensor
3. Leather Seats – Blue & Ash Grey
4. 3M Solar Film
5. 15″ Blue Lips Sport Rims
6. Holux GPSmile-6210+
7. 3A Floormat

See pictures… So far my car is serving me well except I can’t run fast, have to run in first… So for now is slow and steady… Can you spot how many items are in blue? Clue: There are a total of 5 items shown in the photo.

Side View of the Car

Not forgetting my signature soft toy – “Lan Ma”
Website: http://www.mybluenosefriends.com

Side View Window of the Car

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  • Daphne

    Wow, finally hor. Heng, u didn’t become a giraffe, still horsie ..hahaha. Next pic muz show u in the car, ok?

  • 83

    83 wants a ride and pic w F22… blue car mat, bodykit, leather seat, “Lan Ma” and that little piece of blue stuff in front of ur gearbox? Whats that?

  • Honda Prelude

    I harmonise with your conclusions and will expeditiously look onward for your next posts. Only expressing cheers will never just end up being enough, for your extraordinary readability within your writing. I’ll immediately get your rss feed to remain informed with all updates. Strong job and much success within your business endeavors! Ta Ta!

  • PS3

    One of the things I love about blog posts is that they provoke or spark a thought in my head. Once that happens, I feel like I have to comment hoping it’s helpful to others. Because there are so many blogs with different points of view, they challenge your thinking and perception. It’s at these times when you have valuable insignt others may not have had, including the blogger him/herself. I find myself coming back to your blog because you have some great insight and you have been at this a long time, which is very impressive and tells me your know your stuff. Keep sparking thoughts in others!

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