The Agonising Wait…

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Sigh, so difficult, people buy cars day in day out. Likewise, I am just trying to get a car for myself, why is it seems so difficult? The wait is agonising, terrible feeling, to date, it is already coming to 4 months (which is suppose to be 3 months wait only) and still counting. Everything can that can be delayed got delayed. First is the vessel that got delayed to deliver on time. Then next is the leather seats that will be delayed. Just when can I receive it…? Sigh…

Yet the irony thing is you can’t rush them, reason being for fear they might do a screw up job. If you rush them, they might rush it out for you and in return give a lousy work. After all, you are the one facing it day in and out, and if problems arise, it will be very troublesome to fix it later. So what to do but to wait patiently…

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