Christmas Gift?

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Christmas is just round the corner, what is everyone doing? Busy shopping? Buying gifts to exchange? I got mine already from my hubby of course. 🙂


A new Samsung ST500 camera to match my new car… Hehe :p Why do I say that? There is another model ST550, the only difference is the colour of the strip and of course the slightly bigger user screen. I chose the ST500 model only because it is the one with the blue strip. It comes with dual screens as an added feature and an approximately 12.2 Mega-pixel camera. Why do I buy it? Colour is the main factor, other than that it is mainly due to upgrade my existing camera to newer model. I have been eyeing the samsung camera for quite a while already. Starting from the “NV Series” to this, so finally, I get my hands on it.

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    i like the clown pic..make the cam cute.. haha

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