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I am so fascinated by her expressions. It makes me wonder what is she thinking when she make such expressions. Likewise, as adults, do we forgo some expressions now that we are older and more aware of the surrounding?

See her round chubby face… You feel like, hmm, squeeze…

Raelyn Ng

She always stretch out her tongue, more milk?

Raelyn Ng

My mum carrying her after she started kicking non stop and making fake cries for the past 5 – 10 minutes or so. See how happy she is after she is being carried.

Raelyn Ng

More milk? Faint…

Raelyn Ng

This is my 2nd time feeding her, she always doze off when I started blurping her, I hope is a good sign that she is comfortable with me.

2nd Feed

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  • Daphne


  • Felicia

    Yes, super cute. However, when she shit, then is back to mama liao. 🙂

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