Raelyn is Overweight!

 In Raelyn, Keegan & Raelle Ng

Yes, you didn’t hear me wrongly. My sister took her for a check up recently. She is suppose to put on 1kg per month, instead she put on 2kgs. The nurse asked how much milk did she drink. She was surprised to hear that our baby Raelyn is already drinking 5 levels of milk, that is what suppose to be a 3 months old baby volume and not a 1 month old baby. So now my sister have to reduce her milk intake to 4 levels. Anyway is nice to see that she is growing well and her check shown that she is healthy is every way. Bravo! Haha 🙂

Suprisingly, she seems to know that I am taking her photographs and she always look into the handphone for me to take her pictures. Smart baby? Anyway, here are more photos of her different expressions. My sister is asking why I managed to capture so many of her cute expressions. Hello, you need to be patient and be alert to stand by to take the shots quickly and to take more photos when required to capture it… In short, don’t be lazy. :p

You think she looked annoyed already with all my photo taking? However, she still want to look into the lens?

Raelyn Ng

Her 4 steps to sleeping mood.

Step 1 – The yawn and big stretch
Step 2 – The blank look
Step 3 – The smile, she always smile while she slept, dreaming already?
Step 4 – The half open eye, she will open her eyes occassionally…

Sleeping mood of Raelyn Ng

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