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Money & You (Part 1). Some of my friends might have heard from me mentioning about it. Indeed it is a course that I did it when I embarked on my business. Today, I will say I have finished my course however I am still in the on-going process of it. Why do I say that? This is a course that I took back in March 2006. Why am I mentioning it now? I was referring to some books when I chanced upon the folder containing the notes of “Money & You”. During the course, there is a time where it required us to write a post-dated diary of what happening in 5 years time from then, 11th March 2011. (Details of the post-dated diary will be in another blog: Diary of 11th March 2011).

As the course title suggests, it is about money and you. However, I have also learnt about family, friends, business, life and etc. It has impacted me greatly that is why I am writing it today to give credit to it as well. Also, in time, I hope some of my friends can also be there learning from it.

Blog: Diary of 11th March 2011 (Part 2)

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