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Welcome to my blog. I have been pondering for quite a while before I decided to have a personal blog. Why have a blog? Somebody might ask, those who know me will understand that I am not a quiet person but a cheerful person who love to share fun, laughters and experiences. Also, after all these years of working experiences seeing people come and go. Technology getting more and more advanced, communications have changed drastically over the years affecting you and me. It is how you maintained your friendships and relationships before you lose them all to time, excuses and etc. So like all other people, I upgrade myself and keep up with the pace and do my best to “Keep in Touch” with my close contacts of friends. Friends out there, hope that you can do likewise by registering yourself into my blog to “Keep in Touch“. 😉

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  • Rachel Ng aka Meishan

    Haiz..22.. i read thru all the blogs u posted. Some really struck a chord with me. Your character havent change all the years. still so helpful, righteous and relationship treasuring all the while…Y u cant be a bit “evil” huh? haha..just joking..

    anyway, i know u have heard me telling u a lot of times but now i have the opportunity to “declare it publicy” on ur blog that…. i really want to thank you and appreciate the tutoring lessons you have given me back in secondary school days for my helped pulled my grades up and im thankful for the time you have spent patiently with me.. come you never ask me to tutor u in English or Chinese to repay your kindness ah???

    Im happy we stay connected till now and its awesome to see that you have your own dream fulfilled – ur own design business..:)

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