Diary of 11th March 2011

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Diary of 11th March 2011 (Part 2). This is what I wrote that time when I did the course within 10 – 15 minutes. Therefore, please bear with me on the grammer mistakes and etc coz this is the unedited version. I am putting it down today as a record to see when the day has come.

I have a brand new house with the furnishing of modern and wooden style for myself and my husband. The tap and lighting that I like with some sophisticated TV or hi-fi system that me and my husband chose it. I will have a career that I can take leave freely and leave the works to my staffs. I have 3 businesses of DESIGN WORKZ, VIRTUAL WORKZ and PUBLISH WORKZ. I have my dream car BMW 5 and 2 playful kids. I am financial free and love to take morning as slowly as possible to enjoy, relax and calm myself down. My husband is with me all this while to share my achievements and likewise he has achieved in his own dream successes. We are very happy and fortunate with that and not taking it for granted by taking good care to our health and family members as well. We balance our diet as well as our parents. Not forgetting, they are the one who bought us here today. Without them, we will not be here so they have helped shaped and molded our lives too. My parents-in-laws will be glad that I have been a good daughter-in-law by helping the family and my husband. He is able to save up and enjoy the things that he wanted and not just blindly chasing life or wasting life. We felt blessed and we will like to share with other friends as well. To truly able to do that you like and not just ignore your dreams and resign your fate. However, to be able to stand up and live your life the way that you wanted to be and not to regret.

My career, in time will also start to build progressively that I like to have a firm foothold in the design industry to organise big events for Singapore and to invite other countries participants to join. So that we can work closely as ASIA as a whole to communicate with recent trends or style that the design industry is moving into. We work hard to achieve what we have today. We are also appreciate to all our friends who have helped us along the way and believing in us. At work, my relationship with my staffs are also good as we can communicate freely and we all want to do the best for the company like a big family. I will also start an online bazaar for my staffs to allow them to buy 2nd hand IT gadgets but at a lower price. Therefore, they can get to learn technology as well and not burn a hole in their pocket. They are then also kept abreast with teh trend and technology to help in the work as well. We are committed from top to bottom to move on as a big company and to make the best out of our life.

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