Fresh Fire Conference 2015

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I attended the Fresh Fire Conference 2015 just now in my church. The preacher of this evening is Rev Samuel Rodriguez. He talked very fast so much so as I wonder does he need to pause and take his breath. In fact, he was all fired up that he was breaking in sweat.

Judges 6:24
24 So Gideon built an altar to the Lord there and called it The Lord Is Peace. To this day it stands in Ophrah of the Abiezrites.

When life throws you rocks, you will build an altar and give God the highest praises!
Gideon’s father build the altar by Fear, Gideon build the altar by Faith.
You must build an altar first, claim authority and tear down the previous one.

How should our response be for praises?
The size and magnitude of your praises is directly proportional to the size and magnitude of hell that Jesus brought you out.

Nowadays we choose to go online and google for everything that we need to know but understand that Google is not God. Lean on God and not on ourselves.

You will not die until you see God’s promises is fulfil in your life!

How’s true is this statement when I thought I am contented in this life after I got my dream car. Who knows God throws me another thing to come…

The very area that the enemy has attack you will be the very area God will bless you most!

Hearing this, I am touched and tears rolled, not tears of fear but touched with joy. Ever since I am pregnant, I didn’t shed tears of fear but I am always calm and peaceful. Tears that rolled was because I was touched and felt God’s love. I knew I will drop tears of joy when I finally deliver my healthy baby.

This is the song that I dreamt of few nights ago and it kept ringing in my head…

Spirit Touch your church

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