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As usual, I have recently attended a seminar called “Unlimited Power” which I wanted to share with you. In it, there is this speaker called Allan Pease who is sharing with us on human relationship. In particular, how to communicate with your partner and what does he or she really wants. Something for you to learn friends out there or those of you who just got married where now you have just started life together as a couple.

Guys, they are “Mono-Tracking Device”. Yes, I do agreed now, you can only instructed them with thing one at a time nothing more, nothing less. Tell them the next instruction when they completed the first one. You can’t tell them everything at one go. Even you do that, they can only get things done one at a time. You may ask why, however it is just how nature works, how guys are “wired” or “programed” this way. Nothing can change that.

As for Gals, obviously the opposite – “Multi-Tracking Device”. If not, guys will not be refer as “Mars” and gals as “Venus”. It is like why like poles rebel, opposite poles attract. It is the same reason, however why are we created in such a way? This reason I gave myself simply is to compliment each other. Be it you are the guy or gal, there are always pros and cons, so the other partner is to compliment your weak points.

This may sounds like a perfectly ideal scenario, then again we being human beings will soon find lot of reasons or stuffs to kick up a storm. Your partner will soon find you with your bad bahaviour untolerable and starts to kick up a war. Sounds too familiar? He might blame you when you take too long to dress up for appointments together. Likewise, you dislike him of not giving you the respect that you needed in front of his buddies. Soon, you started to assume and presume of each other disregarding each other feelings or emotions to it. Before long, things will turn sour and if not handled properly, you will end up in divorce. Before things turn to that stage, ask yourself again, have you done anything to avoid this?

What you are complaining about him or her actually is also what the other party is complaining about you. Don’t understand? Let’s me give you a few examples. You complaining of him buying computer games, one after another. To you, all games seems similar, to kill the bad guys or to score victory in wars. However, he does not understand why you like to buy shoes after shoes just to match your new blouse, skirt or pants. Everything to match neatly as if it comes as a set. You dislike him going to his guys hangout where their conversation is likely to be pretty girls, soccer or the latest handphone or automobile. On the other hand, you dress yourself beautifully to go for a ladies nightout with your friends for yet also a conversation of likely to be about guys or complaining of each other spouses, isn’t it? Isn’t it the same for you and him? You complain about each other only to realise it is all the same. If that is the case, why not give each other the breathing space required.

Let him go for his hangout, and you go for your ladies night. Let him buy the games that he wanted and you the hand bags or shoes that you wanted. ;))

Source: Unlimited Power

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