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Recently, there are a few of my friends who are getting married and are having mixed feelings to it. Dear friends, this blog is dedicated to you. Those who know me since school kid will know that actually I do not want to get marry so early. In fact, I am the most playful one among my friends so most people will find it shocking that I am actually one of the first few to be married among most of my friends. Anyway, also thankful to that, now I am happy and able to concentrate on my career and developing my business. Also, from what I see most people who work very hard but do not find pleasure from their work. That’s where your partner comes in to fill in that part and to re-charge yourself.

Being married, of course, there are a lot of adjustments to living together. For example, you do not like him wasting so much time on the computer, neither does he like you staring at the television most of the time crying over that drama on air. However, you soon come to realise when everyone goes back home, busy to meet you or go out with you. There is that 1 person that you can fall back on and am always willing to spend time with you when you need to. That person is your life partner, the person who is bounded by the law of marriage to love you in good and bad times, and be with you always. Can you image that? How’s sweet? Imagine you employing someone to work for you also need to pay that person $$ right? This person accompany you unconditionally, take care of you with no pay, no benefits. That is “Love” and what “Marriage” is all about.

Unlike parents who are related to you by blood, your partner is not but there is a difference. There is a choice and you make that choice to who he or she is. This is also why it is unique and sacred for 2 individuals to come together willingly and in fact by itself is not an easy task already. So what’s make you think that life after will be any easier? That does not means that life will be hard and harsh for you but it is for you to go through, enjoy the process and to improve things better. Haven’t you heard of a saying that goes: Human beings are natural problem solver and the end of a problem solved is yet another harder problem for you to solve. Things will work out as long as BOTH partners are willing to work things out. So remember, no problem is too hard for both of you as long as both of you are willing to.

As I write now, my (24/7 technical support) hubby is working hard to help me upgrade to the latest OS – Microsoft Windows Vista which forces him to upgrade himself to figure what it is all about as well. Also, with all the frustrations that the latest software does not mean that all other applications are compatible to it. So that’s a price to pay for everything. As for the rest of my friends who are still thinking is marriage the right choice for you. Stop thinking and join me on board the ship to a journey of “The Point of No Return”. 😛 😀

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