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Love is a strange affair, it may happen anytime and anywhere. It can be the love for your family, the love for your friends and even love for your partner. The question is how much time do you spend time with your all loved ones?

How many times do you go out with your colleagues for lunch or dinner? As compared, how many times do you go out with your family for meals? Just as often or seldom? How many times do you go out shopping with your family even it means to shop for simple items like grocery? I once heard from a friend that she is getting married only to realise that she has done nothing much for her parents. Sounds familiar? Or only when a parent of yours left this world then you realise that you did not spend enough time to do your part as a son or daughter? A bit too late?

Having said that, when is the last time you had a nice dinner with your spouse? Buy him / her a gift despite there is no occasion in particular? Or even celebrated a happy occasion together? Or when did you last chat to each other? Can’t remember? Or what is clear in your mind is the last time you quarrel with each other, that time you make a nasty remark to him / her instead? Then again, have you ever think back what is the 1 thing or the initial attraction that got both of you together? So long enough that both of you decided to walk down the isle? So why have you changed your mind now or think otherwise? How much work he / she has put in as well instead of you thinking it is only your side of efforts? We do not see each other efforts until you communicated it. We do not know what each other is thinking exactly until it is said. So stop imaging and start asking! Communicate even if you are married, in relationship, in courtship cos things changed, time passed and even habits changed as technology moved. Therefore, yes, it is true that he / she may changed but towards better or worse? Towards the direction that both of you wanted or the direction that you dictated? The question is did you communicate or ever notice that?

Lastly, as a record for today since it is a special occsaion. Happy Father’s Day! Without you, I will not be here today…

Love is

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