Louis Garneau Bike (LGS-MV 3R)

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Finally after much viewing and shopping around. This is the bicycle that I settled for. Initially, I wanted a white colour bicycle since the “Ocean Blue” didn’t make it. However, who know we found a blue to my liking. According to the boss, this is the 2013 model. Anyway, who care as long as I have my blue. 🙂

See the blue accessories that I add? For the record, it is blue screws, blue chain, blue chain ring bolts, blue tape drop bar, blue paddles, blue front and back lights. Oh and the bottle cage from the previous bicycle.

Louis Garneau (LGS-MV 3R)

Japan Website: http://www.louisgarneausports.com/lgs-mv-3r.html

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  • Ang

    You have forgotten to mention the Blue Fibre Flare light.

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