A Letter to Myself

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Yesterday, I heard my Cell Leader (CL) shared he wrote something to himself to evaluate about how his Christian life for 14 years so far. I think it is common for Christians to reflect on themselves after a while to see if they have transform and likewise is it for the better or worse. As I listen to him, I asked myself how is my life for the past 8 years or so? Why 8 years, that is the time when I was first married and since embarking on my business a year later. It was not easy, roller coaster ride, there are ups and downs, though I am glad that I ride it over. Personally, I have stepped out of my comfort zone again and again, trying new things, trying to be less perfectionist though my friends may still think I am. Likewise, I have also learn – For things to change, first I must change. Sounds weird, no, if you don’t take a different approach to start with, how to see things in another perspective and changes things? Also, I was reminded by my mum when she insisted that after I converted, I will change. Do they know something about myself that I don’t know or realise, I wonder…

Also, I have taken some courses and seminars along the way for personal development along side with my business. I have hit some highs and some lows. Even until now that I have baptised, it is yet another step to my personal development, hoping to bring another new height. In the meantime, it is now for me to rest, study and to work on MYSELF. May I find peace in the Lord, for I know He is my Saviour and Provider. Amen!

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