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It is coming the end of the month for march. In the past, this is the time where I waited happily for my pay check. Now it is a time for me to see my sales report, my results for the entire month. Ever since I embarked on this career path, I have changed quite a fare bit. From “Never say never” attitude to “Do my best and hope for the best”. Not that I am dishearted but rather I come to realise, some people just don’t share your vision, direction or even your rationale. So you just have to let go for that matters. I have unfinished projects way back dated 2009 and coming back to haunt me now. The thought of it terrified me, however, it just took a few calls to people of my industry and I am ready to brave though.

Looking at the current situation now, I can safely say 1 is down, 1 more to go. Haha 🙂 Not easy, as least I have tried and seems promising so far to date… 

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