I was Water Baptised!

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Today I finally went through my water baptism smoothly.  I wanted it to be done quickly without delay, as it was not easy for me. I had panic attack, I fear for my family objection. However, it all went through well. Below is my testimony edited courtesy by my Spirtual Parent (SP) and Cell Leader (CL). Hehe, I knew I was blessed. 🙂

I spoke the chinese version one because my mum was here.

Before Water Baptism

I will be giving a chinese testimony today because my mum is here with me. Mum, hope that after listening to this, you will understand why I come to this decision.

Before I became a Christian, I believed I had everything under my control. I can have Plan A and a backup Plan B in everything that I do. However, through my pregnancy and miscarriage, I realised that is something bigger that I can’t control.

Although I did not know God during that pregnancy, as I look back I believe God was helping me know Him through the difficult experience and a lot of things happened for a reason. Reasons we couldn’t comprehend and only God can. I had a few encounters with God during my pregnancy though I initially chose to ignore it disregard it as mere coincidences.

Firstly, the name that I have chosen for my lost baby is related to God. I named him Dominic without knowing it actually means “belonging to God”.

Secondly, I told God if He was real then let my baby be a boy bacause it was difficult for me to conceive. And it was a boy, somehow I knew it’s a boy even before I was being scanned.

Thirdly, even after the miscarriage, my computer crashed and after I recovered everything, a song just auto played on my computer was related to God.

Lastly, the church that I was being brought to today was sent to me by my son. You see, 29 Feb was the expected due date of my son. And my friend Cheryl send me an SMS on the exact day and resulted in me coming to this church.

From all these, I knew it is not mere coincidence anymore.

Later that week, I asked God to come into my life when I visited carecell.

Despite my miscarriage, I am glad that God caught hold of me when I was falling. Not only that, He also sent me a group of new friends, and that is my carecell, to walk this journey with me and support me. They allow me to be myself. I enjoyed and I look forward to every carecell meeting. Initially, it was not easy for me to walk through this, but somehow it gets easier.

After my conversion, I am now at peace with myself and I am glad that everything is still in control. God is in control in everything and I know He has a way for me. Lastly, I just want to say to my mum and all mothers in the world, you are the greatest! Thanks!












Another version by my Associate Carecell Leader (ACL) with other shots too. Did I say I was very blessed?

These was the gifts that my carecell friends gave me and thanks them for all the support and love.

Baptism Gifts

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