God’s Message?

 In Christianity, Lost And Found

I was at my church service this morning when one of the songs that I sang goes like this “O barren woman… All things are possible with God”.

It struck me as in God is trying to tell me something. Later during my service, a phone call came in and I recognised it is from my embrologist so I picked up the phone. Hearing my background, she knew that I was doing my service and mentioned that it is good that I went to church. Likewise, she is also christian, what another coincidence. It seems like God is sending me all his angels to tell me his messages. She informed that 2 of my embros are of extremely good quality, something to be happy with. Hearing this, my tears rolled. What can I say. God took action and showed it to me.

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  • Daphne

    ** pls bless my dear friend ***

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