Friday the 13th – Unlucky?

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Do you consider or see friday the 13th as unlucky? I don’t really until last friday when I accidentally knocked my wedding ring and a part of the diamond got chipped off. Yes, I do mean the diamond, though it is well known that diamond is the hardest stone and yet it got chipped off. I am really scared and went to the nearest jewellery shop to have it checked and inspected. True enough to my disappointment, it was really being chipped off. I immediately SMS my hubby on it, his reply – “Time to get new one”. So am I unlucky or lucky now? It is never our intention to follow trend or to change every alternate year or whatsoever. Then again, we wore it for 5 years already, without realising it, standing against the test of time and not forgetting the constant knocks and etc. So what happen to the rest of the day?I went back to work as usual, however in the night, my hubby and I combed though the entire AMK Hub to source for suitable replacement. We visited almost all the big brands that we can find in the area, however, we can’t find suitable ones. Not forgetting our past experience, we practically combed the entire Singapore for this first pair to start with… So you know the search is not easy, to suit both our criteria is not making it any easier either.Anyway, the story does has a happy ending, we eventually manage to get something that we both agreed on sunday and of course after I visited twice on consecutive day in the same shop. 😛

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