Chinese New Year cum Valentine Day

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14th February of 2010 will be a special day because it is the Chinese New Year as well as Valentine Day. How many people will be happy, how many people will be sad. Why do I say that. First of all, for the couples, the ladies will be sad because her partner will conveniently say it is Chinese New Year, we need to do house visiting especially unmarried couples to get hong bao so no time for celebration. For the married couples, it is even a more valid reason not to celebrate since they are the ones giving out the hong bao, so how to get away? For the singles, they are only too glad that it crashed since now they need not hide or to be upset with but to spend their time with their family members. Therefore they need not avoid the questions of answering who they spend the night with but obviously to say they are too busy with the Chinese New Year preparation and get together. So which group do you belong to?

Whichever group you belong to, I just want to say “Happy Chinese New Year” and “Happy Valentine Day”.

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