Finding a MFM Doctor (Part 2)

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I went to see this doctor as suggested by a few people in the forum or posting me his contacts to me. Thanks to these people, it sure make the search easier. Seeing the doctor for the first time, I must say he looked friendly and smiled at us occasionally. As usual we went through the history and told him my situation. He said I need a pre-check before I even conceive. A various of checks from blood test, detailed ultrasound to Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) are required. Certain tests I can only do it during my second menstrual cycle reason being the first cycle may still be linked to pregnancy and therefore inaccurate.

He told us he can’t tell us what could be the likely reason that I miscarriage without all the checks being done. Likewise, he explained that the reason that stitch might tear could be due to twins but might had some other sub factors to it. Though the pre-check, he hoped to find out the sub factors or if there are any. Also, we asked him about TAC, which he did explain that it is surgically high risk that most doctors don’t suggest doing it and also only a few doctors know how to do it. It is only after a few TVC losses than doctor will suggest this as the last resort. At least he provided a better reasoning unlike most doctors just telling me is surgically high risk and stopped at that. I mean which surgery is not without risk and how much risk is considered high risk? Overall, he gave us a better explanation to the situation and did a check on my cervix as well. I think he is trying to determine that I am not short cervix to begin with.

So now I just have to wait for my menses and to complete all the pre-check before I see him again expected in January 2013. What a long wait, however if we can find out some root causes in process, it is definitely worth the wait.

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  • Lin

    i’m curious wic dr u went to?

  • Felicia

    Dr Mahesh from NUH, see this blog comment referred by Lux –

  • Lux

    Hi Felicia

    It will be worth it with AP Mahesh! With God’s grace one of the girls whom I recommend to AP Mahesh after having 3 midterm losses just delivered a very lovely girl yesterday!

    Keep the faith! πŸ˜‰

  • Felicia

    Oh, is it same condition as mine? Can elaborate more? Thanks in advance…

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