Finding a MFM Doctor (Part 1)

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I was told to look for a high risk doctor to manage my third pregnancy. Easier said than done. Most of their title on the name card stated “Senior Consultant” with various qualifications that we can’t make anything out from it. It doesn’t say “High Risk” in layman term but MFM. So I had to seek out their title first before I see them, searching for their name over the internet.

Finally I seek out 1 of them from my sister’s recommendation, however it didn’t quite worked out. We didn’t mange to speak to the Senior Consultant properly as he mentioned he might not be the right person for it but put us to the Associate Consultant instead. Throughout the consultation, I must say I was disappointed. The Associate Consultant told me whatever that my gynae did was the right thing to do and to repeat the same thing as well in the next pregnancy. However despite the right thing being done, how to expect a different outcome in the next pregnancy apart the fact that it will likely be a single pregnancy. His only preventive measure is to have more monitoring during pregnancy and hope to spot any early signs to try to prevent it. The question here is try, he can hope to detect early sign and try to prevent it. After 2 mid trimesters losses, do I look like someone who will let you trial and error here? I was surprised to hear that and the way he put across is not even a serious manner or tone at all. Is life that we are talking about here, I was shocked to hear it and from a doctor’s mouth. Stepping out of the room, I knew I will not be consulting him anymore and if the Senior Consultant is to assign me to him, then that’s mean I won’t be coming back to see them anymore. Case closed…

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    Dear Felicia,

    I read your blog today and am sorry to hear that your review with the associate consultant didn’t go so well.

    2 years ago, CNA showed a program called “The Specialist” and one episode featured pregnancy complications. I recorded that episode and just watched it again. One of the women on that episode also had cervical incompetence and her obstetrician was Dr Yeoh Swee Choo. She delivered twins at 35 weeks under Dr Yeoh’s care.

    Maybe you can go for a consultation with her?

    Have you started on TCM? Which TCM physician are you seeing?

    I am inspired by your positive spirit. I should go do some exercise too!


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