When there is a Will, there is a Way

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You will often see me putting this quote on the MSN, or anything personal that tag on to me. I personally like this quote a lot. However, how much of this can we apply it to? For example, matters of hearts?

Sad to say, I have to admit when it comes to relationship, it is not always as what we desired. Today, also another rainy day but I have a heavy heart.

I have been told by one of my best friend having some problems with her husband. She asked me what can she does? She said she is like a fish without water barely surviving. It hit me, and real hard. For once, I do not know what advice to give, knowing the consequences will impact her greatly. Then again, how can I watch my friend suffers? Should I help or should I not? I have known her for more than 10 years. During this time, I have seen her grow from a young girl to a lady, now as a mature woman getting married to being a housewife taking care of children. Today, stepping out into the world again, she just started her new job once more. God knows what will have in store for her.

The ironic thing is I have just attended a wedding yesterday. The ambience there is full of love, blessings and happiness. On the other hand, my friend who is waiting for my assistance. What can I say? This is life!

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  • Eunice Wong

    Dear Felicia

    No one can help anyone in personal relationships. Each has to tackle his or her own. Not every relationship will last forever. Certain relationships just have to end and by ending it, its brings more happiness than ever which one does not know.

    Just gives your support to this friend of yours by giving a pair of listening ears and ask her to sorts out her pros and cons on her relationships.

    Hope you understands what I mean… it is not like the fairly tales… after each wedding… the life is like heaven.. live happily ever after.

    You never really know the other party until when you become a mother after the wedding.

    For when there is more than two, problem always arises… in terms of finance and ways of bringing up the child and the education.. especially when the child fell sick during their younger days…. thats the time you will see whether the other party is one who will go through with you or you alone having to handle it yourself.

    Tell your friend to be strong and be stable in her emotions.

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