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Fancy a F&B business? It seems to be a lucrative industry because almost every singapoean or the rest of the world enjoys good food. A nice meal with good ambience allows people to relax and enjoy their peaceful moments with their loved ones. Or a crowd hot eating area but with your favourite foods and guys hang-out. Either way, it is always about meeting people to chit-chat while eating that is almost our singaporeans’ style if you called it.

Then again, how much to consider if you are serious in setting up a F&B restaurant? Ask yourself a few questions even before you start to do anything? Can you stand the heat, stuffy environment filled with smoke or smell all the time? Long working hours, especially holidays, where people are out shopping, here you are attending to your business? Preparation of food even before business started for the day and more preparation & cleaning work after business closed for the day? You might say, this will not happen to you because you will hire people to do the work? Think again, for a start, you can’t be assured of the expected revenue or expenses that is coming in so you have to do it yourself to know what is the exact amount. Next, it is always known that the bosses are always under the mercy of the workers especially the chef. Not that, they are trying to be difficult, however the work nature to be standing in front of the wok often make them very hot and short temper as well.

Having said all that, F&B business is not all about what happening in the kitchen. If you feel that, a praise or a thumb-up sign from your customers is all it takes to make your day. Then go for it! After all, with so much work to do and mostly manual work, it does feel good when customers come back again and again for your food which means you have achieved your level of success.

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