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A friend of mine suggested to me to write a blog on the office politics or the “Not so Nice Things” happening in today working world. Of course, I can do just that and yes maybe a lot of my friends out there will agree or disagree. However, what happens after that? You are still there at your desk-bound job laughing at how miserable you are or you have decided to take some action? Dare to take the challenge? Or you think your fate is sealed, this is what it is going to be for life? Think again… Anyway, to satify my friend’s request, I should mention some of those things here.

Monday, the first day of work, a fresh start of the week, however you dread going into that meeting room because this is also the start of your misery. The meeting as what is supposed to be, brainstorming, look ahead work scope for the week have turned into finger pointing of things that did not work out well last week and who’s to take the blame? Sounds familiar? Your boss barking at you or your colleagues on why works are not being done properly or on time so that he or she can complied the complete report to submit to yet another upper management. So your day passed with half a day gone already just by attending meetings. Also to realise, there are tons of works piled up on your desk already that you do not know how or which to start first. Then again, it is lunch time. So you decided to settle it later and figured it out after lunch. In the afternoon, you struggled with all the works hoping to complete as much as possible despite the effects of after meals symptom (sleepiness) is working on you. It is also the fear of losing your job that you do not dare to work any slower or delay any more time in it. Sounds like your day of working life? Your bright career path?

Let me ask you again, can that career of yours which you are holding onto dearly buy you kinship, friendship, love and most importantly health? There must be a balance between everything. If some of you might not know, there is this thing called the “Work-Life Balance”. Having said that, I am not telling you to forgo your job or your responsibility today. However, please try to balance your life, your time with family and your health. Eat when it is time for you to eat and rest when it is time to as well. Take good care of yourself, then you are doing yourself a favour as well such that when you are successful in your career, you are also not burdened by your poor health and etc. So my advice to all my friends out there again is: “Please take good care of yourself and strike a balance in between” because a failed or unsuccessful project can be re-launched to do it again. However, your health is not something that you can restart again as and when you liked to. It will be too late by then.

 P.S: As I typed now, my hubby is doing that stunt of his again. Swinging the new badminton racket which he bought on behalf of his friend in the mid time in wee wee hours. People who do not know him will think that he is crazy. 😉

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