Evening out with Mummy

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For several months now, I have set aside Thursday to bring Titus out for dinner. It can be nearby or somewhere further depending on our schedule for the day. This has been something that he looked forward to as he liked to take MRT or buses to get to places. So during that time, we get to enjoy the “lovely view” in his own words. Likewise, we get to spend time together and sometimes listen to what is happening in his class or his life in the childcare.

It is interesting to know what might come out of his mouth literally that can just sweep you off. Sometimes he can just say that someone is misbehaving in class and he dislike it or he don’t like a friend anymore due to an issue and etc. These things may seem small or trivial to us but it meant the whole world to him now.

More so, it is a time to see how much he has grown, from the conversation that he can hold to the things that he understand. Even the big words that he used such as “enormous” that he learnt in childcare being able to put it to use and in a rightful manner is all part of his life and a big milestone forward.

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