Get Well Soon Card

 In Motherhood, Titus Low

When I was showering my boy, he said he drew me a “Get Well Soon” card because I was having backache for the past few days. For the record, I have already seen the chiropractor, just making sure I don’t do any heavy lifting during this period.

He continued to describe that the flower that he drew has red, purple, blue, dark green and light green colour. I was fascinated and told him to show me after his shower. So while he was dressing up after shower, he told me to get the card from his school bag in excitement. I got my helper to do so, we were both speechless when we saw the card. It is a get well soon card, no doubt about it. We were just speechless how small the flower is when the card is so big. He went on to say that the teacher was telling a story about a man who fell and had bandages all over so they were suppose to draw a get well soon and he decided to draw 1 and give it to me. As for the message, it is written by teacher on the white board and he copied onto the card himself accordingly.

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