Baby’s Talk 4

 In Motherhood, Titus Low

23rd August
Last night ?? came out from his bedroom when I was back from my event and said…

BB: My brain tell me it might be you, 我在等你。。。

and came out to give me a hug, I am like who talk like this?


1st August
BB: Mummy 你懂为什么我要吃包吗?
Me: Hmm, 因为好吃?
BB: 因为我肚子饿吗


12th July
BB: Mummy 为什么有Baby Lion, Daddy Lion, Mummy Lion在哪里?
Me: Hmm, 你去问爸爸。
Papa: 因为Mummy Lion在拍照。
BB: 爸爸,我要Baby Lion, Daddy Lion 跟 Mummy Lion 在里面。我要Aunt去拍照。

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