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Time flies, it is august already, more than half way though the year. I am glad to say I am still very much alive and kicking (No H1N1, no flooding). With so much happening around the world, one can’t help feeling pessimistic, then again I am lucky. 

I am swamped with work lately with urgent rush projects burning my weekend but happy to be able to involve in the projects though. Still when I do have the time to sit down and let my thoughts wonder. It will definitely land on the car that is about to arrive. It is unknown when it will arrive, maybe september maybe october? Will it look nice with the leather seat colour that I choose? Is it nice to drive at? Do I get my blue lips rim and etc… A lot of uncertainty but nice to give it a though once a while though. Nowadays, whenever I passed by a Fit or Jazz, I will see what is the car colours, their leather seats colours or the rim, anything that I can spot on in a flash to see if it is nice, can I follow suit. Excited? Yeah, I think so, after all, this is going to be my first car but till then, all I can do now is wait and think…

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  • Geotacs

    It’s always exciting to have something new to look forward to…

    But the waiting can be agonizing isn’t it?

    Be still soon you shall meet your new baby 🙂

    Btw, what colour is it?


  • Felicia

    It will be blue colour…

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