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As per request, this is to have a picture of all the crystals that I have. Why? Coz, 2 of my close friends know I like crystals, therefore they always buy for me on my birthday. So coming 4 years down the road, they can’t remember what they have bought me, so this is for them. Haha!


Starting from the left, 4 of them are bought by my girl friends. The 2 bears are bought by my hubby on Valentine’s Day, maybe to follow my girl friends’ trend, so just a lazy way to buy gifts for me? Leaving 2 of them are bought by me. The morale of the story? Let the whole world knows what you like, so they help you build your collection!!


Here is another photo which I attached, though I know my hubby will say got reflection but I would like to say it looks like “Care Bear Shine!” My Ang, can you have some imagination?

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  • Huimin aka Daphne

    Engineers have lousy imagination. keke

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