My Birthday!!

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Today is my birthday, therefore 1 day off for me so I went out shopping with my hubby. It’s been quite a while since I go out shopping so everything looked nice and tempting to me. Still being fussy, I didn’t buy anything except for a perfume. So what did my hubby buy me? Haha, I am aiming the Philips DVD Micro Theater (MCD289/98) for quite a while but I didn’t buy it as I find it too expensive. So my hubby and I had a bet, if I can get this at a 13% discount, he will buy me this as a 1st present and still buy a 2nd present for me.


So obviously, I searched high and low for discounts, warehouse sales, road show or staff discounts. Finally, I did manage to get a discount. :p Therefore, the next question is what is the 2nd present? I also manage to get myself a watch despite I already had 2 watches. Then again, the first watch I owned is at least of 13 years ago so I figure I better get another watch before it failed me and I’ll be very sad. Excuses, excuses, who cared when I have 2 presents!! 


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