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Recently, quite a few issues at work makes me wonder am I unlucky. First, I worked with my first-time supplier who has multiple screw-ups even after my constant reminder. Next is my reliable printer who also make a mistake, thankfully, we managed to settle it in time to prevent the big error. After that, I have the weirdest and bizarre encounter with my new client who starts talking about all the bad or poor services about me when he is trying to get me to do him a favour… In the end, I rushed out for him only to realise he asked to delayed it instead, ironic? I decided to forgo him as a client rather to earn his money in the future. Thinking that this is the end, I have another client who walks away barely after 5 minutes since we met without any explanation or whatsoever. What a roller coaster ride? Then again, I am still thankful. I learned to take things easy and learn from each lesson. I once remember someone saying this, if you are a sales person, you must remember every time some one rejected you, be thankful, because the next one will be the one to be your client. Also, be glad that the one that closed the deal with you is a good and your dream customer. He or she will liaise the work with you nicely in the way that you hope it will be and pay you the money that you wanted and most importantly promptly. For that, I am gladful that some of my big clients do belong to that category. Those who are the extreme or bad clients are also somehow, by fate or time, they just conveniently dropped out from my list already which I am not complaining either…

So after all this, why do I still feel thankful? Well, for simple fact that I still have my family who support me, my hubby who bought me a car recently. Be glad that I can do what I like and to choose what to do and what not to. So why should I not be thankful? Instead of always blaming others for not being this or not being that, why not ask yourself what you can be better in?

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