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If you happened to be one who always run away when you see an insurance agent approaching. This blog is for you.

Recently, there is this incident where 1 of my relative is hospitalised. After he is discharged and with the summary report, hospital bills we helped to submit for compensation. This is when we realised his policy is way back in 1993, where hospitalisation per day is @ $60/day and his current bill stated is $150/day. This is a huge gap of a $90/day so imagine that he stayed for 5 days, he will not be compensated for a difference of $450? This may not be significance however, when the bills rolled up to thousand of dollars and 50% of difference is great. That is where you have to cough out the short fall.

So don’t think that after you bought the hospital plans and you can be safe already. Make sure you do check with your insurance agent at least once or twice a year to make sure your policy is still very much updated. Or at least not too far off before it is too late. As for my relative, now he can’t upgrade his policy, even if he does now, that illness of his will be opt out…

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  • Cheu Fong

    Hi Felicia,

    Thanks for this post and your heart for others. Through your sharing I hope many will see that times and costs do change and their insurance portfolio need to keep up with times.

    Can I have permission to tell your story to some people whom I tried to call, but insist that they are happy with their insurance which they own for more than 10 years already?

    As for your relative, if that illness of his cannot be covered, ask the insurance agent still whether it might still be worthwhile to upgrade – since there could be other reasons for hospitalisation / surgery.

    Cheu Fong

  • Felicia

    You may share this story to other people. Also for my relative, we still managed to recover most of the hospital fees with much luck. However, it is a lesson learnt…

  • Helmi Hakim

    Yes! Financial/Insurance review is very important to you and your family.

    Financial Associate get back to you is because, we care and we are concern about you. You may have additional needs in the future, and we are here to identify that need and propose recommendations to you.

  • Bob

    There is obviously a lot to know about insurance agents make. I think you made some good points in Health & Insurance

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