I am Lost?

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I am in the middle of a heat rushing 2 big projects concurrently. 1 being my regular task, another a new project with an existing client. Helped to rush items out for event purposes. I always knew it is last minute and to the very final final dateline till we confirmed stuffs. Still, I can’t help feeling lost? I don’t know why, I should be feeling relieved or happy after project completed, but somehow I can’t feel that joy in me. I got no idea why as well, even as you read this post, you might not make any sense as I am just typing what come out of me, unedited, unorganised. Just want to add it in my blog, in time to come, I may laugh over it, or ponder why am I as such. However, at this time, at this moment, I just want to leave a record on my chapter of my life…

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  • Huimin

    Well, at least u rushed out the jobs. I still very lost after doing the same job for 7 years. I kinda of “given up” trying to get rush my way through. No diff, I still cannot finish. No, its not abt time management. Its the brain….keke

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