12 Things You do not know about Me

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This is the first time I have been requested by my friend to write a topic specifically. Rather stress though interesting. As the topic suggested, 12 things you do not know about me, therefore I should attempt to answer them. 

1. I like “Hacks” honey lemon flavoured sweet since young.
2. I like watermelon and tea, however I can’t eat or drink too much if not…
3.  I always do things with an objective in mind.
4. If I am not so forgetful or poor in my english language, I aspire to be a lawyer.
5. I don’t brush my teeth on weekend morning till when I need to eat. In short, I don’t want to be disturb and I can go without talking for a few hours.
6. At home, I am a very private person and guard my space. I do not want to sit near door opening where I will be exposed or seen first.
7. When I drive alone, I like to turn on the music very loudly and enjoy cool air-con. Shiok!
8. I wish I am a guy then I can enjoy the company of different girl every night without feeling guilty. Then I give up the “forest” when I marry lo.
9. I actually had the idea of leaving home when I am young but back then, I already know I can’t work to earn money to survive. So I have to give up the idea. Scary?
10. I seems to get along better with friends being the youngest in the family though I am the oldest in my family.
11. I always believe nothing is impossible, is whether have you try hard enough – When there is a will, there is a way.
12. I want to create a lifestyle for myself where I go to work because I like to and not because I have to for a living.

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    I also like Hacks honey lemon sweets leh!

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