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Before this topic, my brains was dry for a while, don’t know what to write. No idea why, just nothing come into the mind, maybe due to work maybe due to something else. Just staring blankly at my blog thinking what can I write on. Maybe at this current times, when everyone thought is all channelled to the words like “downturns”, “bad economy”. I do not know what to say or how can I inspire people or at least friends around me.

I had this little habit now, wherever I write, I had my music turned on. It seems to help me to concentrate to write better. In NLP (Nero-Linguistics Programming), I am more to visual and auditory, that’s explain why I need the music on. Having said that, why the topic – Life is interesting? Different aspects of life.

Now at this time, when everyone is worried about this job, daily bread and butter. There are still fresh graduates entering market with no experience, no background. Looking at them, who has a bigger fear? You may say they have their parents supporting them however, aren’t they worried about this own livelihood as well bearing in mind they have heavier burden – to support the whole family. Also, to note their parents may not be in a high flying jobs but probably as taxi drivers, cleaners. At times like this, it makes their lives even tougher. Should I say is sad or pathetic?

Then again, on the other side, you see people still buying cars, investing in properties when price are damn low now (you should know what it means). You can’t help but wonder again, the rich get richer, the poor can poorer. Feeling unjustified, you want to be in the “Rich” area region, able to spend or work without much worry. Just how to get there? It seems unreachable, too high a target to get there? Just what defines what and who defines who to be in which region. Where are you now?

I have since setup my business for 4 years already. I have enjoyed and gained a lot in the process. I learnt, applied and learnt again to apply, sometimes maybe forgetting or missing some stuff along the way to the current stage. Neither was it easy, without perseverance, determination and focus, I would have given up long ago. Yet what is that 1 thing that kept me going on this while? Passion, love for life, family or money? The lifestyle that I want to led? I have got the answer but how about you?

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