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After seeing so much of what I wrote and you reading it silently, now is your chance to talk. In using 1 or 2 adjectives, describe what is my characterisitcs. How you feel about being my friend? Let me hear your impression of me. Be it from the past till now… Hehe :p

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  • Sergey Yanovich

    That’s great. I see how much are still in my memories, how many people I still remember.
    Fang Ling, could you, please, pass my best regards to all whom I was in touch while working in Singapore.
    Sorry, I missed CNY this year, so my best wishes of happiness and prosperity.

  • Felicia

    What a pleasant surprise! Long time no hear from you, how are you? As for people in company, most left, likewise for me. Hahah! 🙂

  • Irene

    Felicia is fun, smart, capable!! A Friend worth knowing!

  • Eunice Wong

    Dear Felicia

    Not after reading so much of your blog that I can describe about you, but after communicating with you face to face, going networking session with you together.

    You are just great… a good friend, my little sister and a good business associates to be with.

    keep it up with this characters of yours…. I just like what and who you are.

  • ruishan

    Dear FL Jie,

    To me, you’re a bubbly, fun but yet mature mentor of mine! Hence making it an enjoyable experience hanging out with you! Thanks for all the advices you have given me and continue to stay cheerful!

  • Van

    in my eyes,
    u r a direct, frank, focused, sociable & tomboyish kind of woman…dun get me wrong…i dun mean u look like a man or u dun look like a woman…i meant your personality is more straight fwd like a man and u probably are not the best gossiper around, like most women are….LOL….well, at least, i am one gossiping woman…^_^

    i’m just glad that after so many years, we have gotten back in contact…and reading yr blog gives me a better understanding of who you are…..& i think u r a great person who knows what you want and that’s awesome!!! ^_^

  • Felicia

    For gotten you back as a friend, I think we have to thanks Meishan for that. 🙂

  • Van

    i agree!!! Thanks Rac!! ^_^ We shd get together for a meal (preferably hi tea…lol..cos i am soo deprived) when i am back in dec….save a date for me orrr….

  • 83

    – an emotional person though seems to be strong outwardly
    – helpful
    – direct and doesn’t beat around the bush
    – not very sensitive at times 😛
    – sporty
    – genuine and does not put up a fake facade

    Lastly, a worthy friend that has stuck by me through all these kudos to you!!

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