What a Night!

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What a night, on 1 hand, I just learnt that my relative’s father had just passed away. On the other hand, my friend is scheduling to deliver her baby twin next saturday. 1 death here but on the other hands, 2 babies coming. I asked myself where am I between these 2 extremes. I am neither, not even on ground zero, way below it. I went TCM today, I have been seeing it for a couple of months now, people asked me if there is any help, frankly speaking, I can’t tell and no obvious signal to know if it is good or not.

Likewise, I had just attended church mission conference tonight, the message simple as it is – Go and do it (Acts 28:1-10). Simple as it seems, never easy to do. I told myself I am tasked to do bigger things and missions. I can do it and I will believe this in faith. Amen!

BTW, do you know how many McDonalds or franchises are there in the world?
About 38,000.

So how many Assemblies of God (AG) or sister churches are there in the world?

So what do you have to say about it?

Someone also gave me this for encouragement to seek the heartbeat of God. A small gift but show her sincerely. How’s nice. 🙂

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