Titus’s 3rd Birthday!!

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So the day is finally near, even before so, we had few celebrations up in the pipeline.

Day 1 – Thursday

We brought him to eat his favourite egg tarts at Tim Ho Wan (THW), he can eat 2 at 1 time even after dinner, also he will asked for the BBQ bun too. We came quite often to the extent that the staff working there can recognise us already. Likewise, we like to take a stroll at the mini park nearby for him to “drain” some energy by running or walking around.

Day 2 – Friday

The celebration at childcare, we were quite worried as the last year when he celebrated his birthday, he didn’t quite enjoy it. He didn’t want anyone to touch his cake, let alone eat it. However, this year he embraced it well, most of the kids were amazed with the moving train, likewise, we can hardly keep his hands off the cake. He got to serve the cake to the kids, not forgetting to give the first slide of cake to his “girlfriend” then to the rest of the kids. Likewise, his favourite teacher and then to the rest of the teachers as well. All in all, it went well, and daddy brought some balloons, 27 in fact, last minute to give 1 each to the kids created some chaos.

Then we still managed to bring him to indoor playground just before it closed at 7pm and for our dinner at McDonalds. Surprisingly, he can recognised the McDonalds signage, I guessed that is why Mac is so successful, all the kids like it.

His birthday cake after planning for so long…

Family Photo

Daddy with the balloons.

Actual Day – Saturday

We went for a bowling game as planned by Daddy requested by him with my sister’s children. It was in the late afternoon as we all have to rush for it as he can’t wake up in time from his afternoon nap. However, upon reaching, we realise the lane was given away as we didn’t arrive on time, neither did we pick up the call from them to confirm the lane. So we waited anxiously for a lane to be available, thankfully, 30 minutes later we got it. We played for about an hour before we went for our dinner and being joined by my sister in law and parents in laws.

All in all, everything went well and Titus had a great time eating, playing and more celebrating with 2 cakes in a row!

Bowling Session

His 2nd cake

Dinner with Family

Family Group Photo

The children favourite train ride. 🙂



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