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Time is a strange thing. It is without control, forever moving, no slowing down or stopping. Like it or not, it continue to tick. What you can choose to keep or control is to decide what, who and where you want to spend your time with. With social media coming into our life, we don’t meet our friends physically but we all keep contact online, diligently updating our albums, our status, mood swings and etc. Taking much of our time to update our life to a web page we call it our own. However, how much do we own of that? If the platform is to be shut down permanently, what is left thereafter that we can still call it ours then?

I log on to the social media platform last week, seeing familiar friends’ faces reminding me of how time seems to impose changes on us, human being. The friend that used to be thin got fatter, the girl who used to be fat got thinner and prettier. Is that the effect of time? I am confused for a while. Just which is real and which is illusion. I can’t tell already. All I can say is cherish what you have everyday and do not live to regret because you cannot turn the clock back… That is call time, my friend…

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