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This topic has been pondering in my head for over a few days already. Why? I first come across this wordings as “Time alone with God”. Now you know why I am pondering? I have been writing this blog for a few years now. Initially, it was to document my journey into the pregnancy and thereafter my children to come. However, I have written my thoughts and emotions along the way and it seems to be a good avenue to relieve myself. A lot of times when I refer back to the things that I wrote, I realised a lot of things seems so unimportant, petty stuffs that I can’t even recall. However, back then, it seems a big deal and prompt me to write it down instead.

At this point of my life, at this junction, I just want to pause and think about my life so far – Time alone. Not just with God, also personally to reflect on my own personal or business goals and etc. Just what do I want and what I have achieve to date. We go through every day with our works, career, bits by bits with details or careful planning. However, are we taking time to plan for the big picture as well? Our main goals or directions?

I was lost for a while, not knowing what is the next step, the next plan. For a person like me who plans everything, this is a terrifying thought, even just only as a thought is enough to scare me already. Thanks for a lot of people like my hubby, sister, friends and new friends out there who have been encouraging me all this while. You may not know what you have done, however, you impacted me. Even a small action like checking up on me or accompanying me to church is very much appreciated from my heart.

A big thank you to everyone who have touched my heart and enriching me!

Finally, are you doing time alone? I hope you do so too…

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