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I finally manage to meet up an ex-colleague after it has been quite so long that I even lost count how long since we last met. The first moment, I saw her, I actually burst out in tears quite unknowingly. I don’t know why. I guessed I do feel close to her after all these years despite we seldom kept contact with each other. We were in the same shift back in those days where we shared our work and lives together. Even though we are all connected with the Internet, MSN, Skype and Facebook, nothing beats meeting the actual person. She lived in Malaysia, that also explains why we find it hard to meet up with each other. Though Malaysia seems near, but is like so near yet so far to me.

She had her medical issues therefore unable to meet me in Singapore. Likwise, I was pregnant unable to move around much to visit her in Malaysia. Still we connected and talked non-stop. It is strange where time and distance didn’t kept us apart. She does read my blog occassionally and I view her photos from Facebook on and off. It was how we tried to catch a glimpse of each other’s life and be comforted that we are doing fine.

Are you still keeping contact with your old friends? Don’t regret only when it is too late…

To my friend that I meet up today, thanks you for making the effort and to send me the first message. Much appreciated! BTW, we forget to take photos. OMG!!

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