The Phantom of the Opera

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This is an opera recently shown in Esplanade which I think I wanted to credit the show. For those of you who have seen it, good for you. For those who have not, maybe you would like to buy the DVD. Why I say that? The first performance staged here in Singapore is way back in 1995. That was when I am still a secondary school girl. I remember clearly that I have to beg my mother for the money from the piggy bank to watch the show as it is > $100.00 for a secondary school girl like me to see it. In the end, I managed to watch it with my group of secondary school friends. That is my first time watching an opera…

The second time when I watch it again was when they did a movie production. I watched it with my then ex boy friend now my hubby. He watched with me knowing that I love this opera very much. In fact, we watched it twice! Despite, he regretted his decision about watching it with me the second time, he still did it. 😀

The third time when I watched it was in London when I was on a honeymoon trip with my hubby in 2004, 1 day after my birthday as well. In fact, I got a scolding from my friends later that I didn’t tell them that I was going so that they can get me to buy some “Phantom” stuffs for them, also die-hard “Phantom” fans. 😛

The fourth time and probably the last time is when I saw it recently in Esplande. Why I watched it so many times? Every time I see it, the sensational feeling is indescribable, emotional. Through out these 4 times, I watched it with my friends, family and husband. This opera has grown with me and become part of my life already. It had travelled and passed “The Point of No Return” where most shows or movies will cease interest as time passed but not this one. In fact, it grows stronger…

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  • Lieneng (aka Hubby)

    Your 4th time will not be the last time you’re watching Phantom.

    We’ll catch it @ Broadway in times to come…

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