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Choice. You have the choice! At least that’s what I believe. I believe that everything comes to you with 2 choices. It is up to you to decide what you want. Just as you decide to be in charge of your life and not to lead by others.

I attended the seminar recently called “The Millionaire Mind Intensive” by T. Harv Eker. In 1 sentence, this seminar tells you how to be financial rich by teaching you how to effectively manage your financial even it is a dollar or two. It also works on how your brain or subconscious mind might be the culprit that is hindering your goals. Due to our different culture or background that we are coming from affected how we think money is not within our grasp and etc. Simple to understand by going through with you in a workbook with answers already given should you missed out. The only reason why you don’t get it is maybe because you are not practising it or you don’t believe it at all. 

What about myself? Certain things I have already been practising it, certain things I have not. Also, I have not making my money work harder for me. Yes, I mean work harder. It worked hard but not hard enough. Most of us from my age group came from a background where we used to think, to achieve financial freedom means to save, save and SAVE. It is until I attended seminar like this that I realise why rich people can be so rich is not because they save a lot. Yes, they do save but rather, they save and INVEST, therefore making their money grows faster. What T. Harv has done is to tell us what we can do for ourselves to achieve our own financial success. That does not mean to be a millionaire if that is not what you want. Rather it is to be financial free in your own lifestyle. If having $5000 of passive income a month is what you needed, go on, get it, achieve that. After it, you can relax in your own way if that is what you wanted. Think it is not enough? Set a goal, work on it and strive greater heights…

Source: The Millionaire Mind Intensive

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