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Sammi – My all – time favourite idol. Each time she appears on the cover page of a particular magazine, I will purchase a copy of it, irregardless of what other contents are in it. As a hardcore fan of hers, I took the pains to find out about the efforts she put into her work and all her productions. Over the years, it is difficult for her efforts to go unnoticed and I admire her for constantly trying to improve herself and for making new attempts. Which subsequently led me to think: Is it pure admiration of her as an idol or was it just a fantasy of pursing the kind of life she leads; which is very different from ours? What are the things that cause a person to admire another person? Through their achievements? Or mere superficial looks? For instance, by virtue of being a celebrity? I am not sure either…


Anyway, here is an excerpt of her biography which I extracted from a magazine that I have just gotten recently; again for the obvious reason of wanting to know more about her or the thought of buying the magazine would not have crossed my mind at all.

Name: Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文)
DOB: 19th August 1972
Horoscope: Leo
Favourite Country: Japan
Favourite Sports: Gym & Badminton
Favourite Colour: Black, Coffee & Pink

This is e sound track of Sammi’s favourite movie (鐘無艷) which she acted in and happens to be one of my favourite song too.


Another song from Sammi’s favourite movie (我左眼見到鬼)


Text edited before posting, compliments by Rui Shan. Thanks!

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