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This course is really highly recommend!! Why do I say that? If you are wondering you are stuck in your work, life or business. Think again. A friend of mine was complaining to me about losing her customers beginning this year and whining that this year is bad luck for her. What did I tell her? I lost my baby, my health, my business and money all in 2011. Am I complaining? Are you better or worse?

I have to pick myself up and start all over again. That is why I took up this course to bring myself back into life and in the momenturm again. Something that I lost while I was pregnant. What is my obseravation from this course?

Blair Singer

1. People fighting to voluteer (Untypical of Singaporean especially ladies)
2. Results instantly immediately (I actually earn money while I am learning)
3. Taking action now (We have to call our friends or clients in the seminar)
4. Tears and weeping (Untypical especially this is not a Personal Develop. course)

Also, btw, just for the record, we have to break an arrow at our neck before we leave. Yes. I did it. See it below. I am awesome!! 🙂

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