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I am never good at parting and I do not wish to be good at, which might explains why I always get upset or too emotional about people leaving. Of course, I hope that those people who left are of good cause and in times to come, they can be better than their present state or happy in the decision that they made now. This will served as a consolation for me. Some friends of mine will know that I am a member of the BNI Infinity chapter where people come and go seems easy for them but difficult for me. Nevertheless, it will also reflect the true side of reality where bread and butter is essential to survive and an important reminder constantly for me.

I am glad that I am able to be in the industry of my passion and to do what I like. Also, to have the support of my loved ones and those who support me in any other way. This also tells me that you have to work hard and work smart to fight for what you want in life. The question is however are you courageous enough even to take the first step? I have done that, how about you?

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