Guys, are you being Honest?

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Somehow, I can’t help wonder at times. Just is the guy trying to be nice or I am being too suspicious. Let me quote a scenario (By the way, this is a real case)… A dating couple started and run a business together. With the girl friend holding the purse which seems nice and sweet of the guy to do that, then again, is it really a smart move? By doing this, they have stop most people’ saying of a guy being rich, he will be up to some hanky panky stuffs. Then again, when everything is signed and only signed by the girl, is it really safe? Coz, the guy acts as the spoke person of the company and the girl friend is just running the admin/accounts behind scenes. If he tries anything funny, it might just end up that the company is liable for where the guy can escape unharmed. Of course, you can say, if the guy is faithful to his girl friend, he will not do anything like this. Then again, this is always the case when he has a change of heart or worse he is not even serious in the relationship to start with. Everything just vanished into thin air. In this case, what happens is that, the guy managed to run away with most money cheating the girl friend of her money. What’s worse is that, he even got his girl friend family involved and run off with the girl’s family money as well.

Thinking back, if it is the guy himself holding to the money himself, will it be better or worse? He might even chase the girl friend out should the company really be doing well. The girl friend might end up with nothing despite all hardships, efforts and time wasted. Just what kind of guarantee does the girl friend has? Almost nothing if she does not have her name registered in the company as well.

I always feel insecure or even disturbed when I hear stuffs like this being 1 party holding on to the wallet or it is only his name on the company registration and etc. Of course, we say having 1 name on it makes documentation easier and faster. On the other hand, if you are a couple and in a business together, half or most the time, you are together anyway. So what is stopping you or the other party involved not to have his or her name registered for as well? They may say: “You don’t trust me?”, I will rather say, “I want security”. Am I wrong or am I being too suspicious or distrustful? So guys out there, any comments?

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  • Van Tay

    no leh…i dun think u r being too suspicious…though i agree that there shd be mutual trust between a couple…but then again, there’s a reason why a business is called a “business” and not a relationship..

    some people may think that i dun trust my hubby but i think we shd look at it on the positive side…what if it only has the guy’s name and the guy die or etc, then all the efforts placed by the guy into the business will just turn to ashes as well….so rather than see it as needing security, i rather see it as 2 matured individuals being responsible for their business…..& honestly, if a guy or a girl gets mad for his/her partner wanting their names inside as well, i’m sorry to say this….but they shd just go f**k off…cos u dun want to do business with people like that..

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